Friday, June 16, 2017

How to Buy Scrubs that Make Sense

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There are a lot of options available when purchasing medical scrubs uniforms as different designs, colors and patterns are available to those who work in the health care industry. However, there is a lot more to look into when buying scrubs. Here are some hints on how to buy scrubs that make the most sense for you.


Some employers will require certain colors to be worn to work. However, if you have the freedom to choose your own colors, it is a good idea to go with darker shades. They mask stains much better than lighter colors.


Pockets can be a health care provider’s best friend. Pockets come in handy on both bottoms and tops. Those in the medical profession are often required to carry a lot of items and what better way to do that than by utilizing the roomy pockets in your scrubs.


Try on your scrubs and make sure they do not slide. The wrong size can cause your bottom scrubs to slide down when you bend down. The top scrubs should not have too loose of a cut to the point where it permits too much skin to be seen.


Scrubs are not immune to fading and some kinds will do so rather quickly. Then, you will be left with the option of tossing them in the trash or coming to work with a shabby look. Certain kinds of scrubs come with fade resistant labels, so make sure to check that label before you buy. A reputable, professional uniform distributor should recommend fabrics that are longer lasting as well as stain resistant.


Wearing scrubs all day long will not be pleasant if they are not soft. Look for scrubs that are 100% cotton as they will provide the utmost comfort. There are also some softer sets of scrubs of the polyester variety. Make sure whichever kind you choose feels soft on your skin.


Scrubs do not have to be monotone or boring any longer. There are lots of colors, cuts and patterns to select from. First, make sure your employer allows this and then choose a style that fits your personality. Scrubs can also be a form of expression as looking good and feeling good can go hand in hand.

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