Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Company Uniform: Questions to Ask When Making That Critical Choice

The upsides of work wear cannot be overstated and businesses have come to recognize the advantages of outfitting employees. Today, 32 million companies across the country wear uniforms representing companies of all sizes and types across all industries. Needless to say, it is important to not overlook the process of deciding on a company uniform for your staff. You want no less than the best when your people are literally wearing your brand on their sleeve. 

Key Questions for An Excellent Decision

Companies decide on logo and colors for staff uniforms to emphasize branding, while embracing contemporary trends – but these are just the basics. When it comes to finding the perfect company branded clothing, come to a sound decision by answering these few basic questions:

Does the uniform offer comfort? Consider this: uniforms are worn on a daily basis by your employees. It is important that it fits perfectly by taking into account their specific job activities. The comfort level of your staff in a controlled environment is different from those doing field work.

Customer service personnel inside your air conditioned office may need thicker fabric, while those out and about sales reps may need a more breathable uniform. You might want to consider a type of fabric that easily dries or wicks away moisture, and provide safety apparel for those sweating it out in the factory or industrial sites; seasonal uniforms may also be recommended.

Does it offer a good fit? While employees are expected to wear the same exact shirt, obviously the one-size-fits-all principle does not apply. Determine the size requirements for each employee, and find out the right measurements for each employee. A good fit fosters a sense of confidence and comfort for the wearer, enabling people to better represent your business and enhance the image of your company.

Is it made of high quality material? As uniforms are constantly worn, they should be made to endure constant washing as well. The kind of fabric you choose should be ones that are easily washable. Your employees are expected to keep the outfit looking fresh and new but in many cases, it all boils down to the kind and quality of fabrics used.

Partner with a Trusted Uniform Specialist

Investing in the right uniform doesn’t have to be a difficult decision when you partner with the right provider. Specializing in a fleet of uniforms for all industries and types of work, IMPACT Plus Uniforms in Charlotte understands that company uniforms play a vital role in day-to-day business. Since 2003, the full-service provider has catered to major corporations and Fortune 500 businesses, offering them various uniform options, corporate apparel and promotional programs suited to their requirements. Contact IMPACT Plus today for your top-of-the-line work wear, corporate apparel and promotional product solutions.


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