Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Custom Embroidery for Dress Shirts in the Workplace

Dress shirts exude a high level of professionalism in the workplace and adding IMPACT Plus custom embroidery to those shirts is an excellent way to enhance a company’s brand. Here are some important things to consider when deciding on custom embroidered dress shirts for your company.


There are lots of options available when it comes to choosing a particular style of dress shirt. There are more casual options to provide a more laid back feel while there are also more formal options that are generally worn with a tie. There is also a vast array of manufacturers, fabric and prints to choose from. It comes down to a lot more than simply choosing a color. 


Dress shirts bearing your logo contribute to the overall image of your company. Dress shirts can stand on their own as a form of professional attire or work wear in Charlotte NC. However, adding your logo creates an image to be shared by all employees. That does not mean there should not be careful thought out into the design and placement of that logo.


Embroidered dress shirts are another form of marketing and when considering it as a long-term investment, it is very cost efficient. The fact that these shirts are extremely durable also means they will get a lot of wear. And every time that shirt is worn, the company benefits from a free form of marketing.


Believe it or not, how someone appears can have an effect on business. Many people in a business setting are judged on their appearance. People who are dressed professionally give off the impression that they are more capable and knowledgeable. Having an entire company dressed in this type of professional apparel can only enhance the overall business.


The better people look, the better they feel. This cannot be discounted when it comes to business. Having a staff of employees that looks professional can encourage them to take even more pride in their work, which can boost overall company performance. Custom embroidery on dress shirts can raise company standards as there will be an air of professionalism that pervades the entire staff.

If your company is seeking out Charlotte NC embroidered shirts, IMPACT Plus has a wide variety of options. Your logo can appear on the company clothing of your choice and our professional custom embroidery will provide that extra special touch. IMPACT Plus also offers hospitality uniforms, medical uniforms and much more.

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