Monday, July 18, 2016

When Your Company Should Use Promotional Items

Promotional “giveaway” items and branded apparel are intended to promote a brand and is actually a form of advertising. But there should be some consideration put into exactly when and where those promotional products will be distributed. Here is a closer look at the most opportune times to give out your promotional apparel so that they have the maximum amount of effectiveness.

Company Events

Company picnics, banquets and celebrations are excellent times to utilize promotional products in Charlotte NC. The distribution of apparel will appear to be a kind gesture extended towards the recipients, but it is also a very tactical advertising move for the company. Using clothing as a promotional product is long-lasting as smaller promotional items have a tendency to get less usage and are often tossed by the wayside.

Trade Shows

Any time your company puts itself on display, it is always good to have some kind of promotional item. At trade shows, companies are always prospecting for new business and new clients. Business cards often get lost, misplaced or thrown out, although a tee-shirt will usually get a good amount of wear. This is not only a way to advertise, but also a way to enhance brand recognition.

Holiday Time

The holiday season is an opportune time to make use out of promotional apparel and embroidered shirts in Charlotte North Carolina. It serves a couple of purposes. First, it is a way to extend a gift to employees and clients while it also is a form of advertising for the company. Giving out tee-shirts, hats or polo shirts is not just a way of saying thank you, it is a way of advertising your brand. People also seem to appreciate gifts a little bit more during the holiday season.

Charity Events

Getting involved with charity events and fundraisers is a noble move, which promotes good will but it also promotes a company’s brand. Simple sponsorship of a charity event may not be enough as people might forget exactly which company was responsible for contributing towards a fundraiser. Giving out promotional apparel will provide people with a lasting remembrance of exactly which company was there to contribute towards that cause. 

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