Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Best Ways for Companies to Distribute Promotional Products

Coming up with the perfect slogan or design for a promotional product is only part of the promotion process. The next step is figuring out how to distribute those products. Here is a look for the best ways companies can distribute their promotional products with IMPACT Plus Uniforms in Charlotte.

Within The Company

There are many ways handing out promotional products to employees can serve as a benefit. It helps with employee morale, brand awareness and marketing outside of the office. As long as an employee is content, there will rarely be an issue when it comes to using or wearing these uplifting promotional products.


There may be no better way to show customer appreciation than by giving them something for free. The return on investment is generally very good when existing customers are given free products.


Make sure there is an incentive involved when giving away products online. Exchange the promotional item for a Twitter Follow, Facebook like, 5-star review, or a completed contact form. This is a great way to build an online following and market to new audiences.


Whenever your business closes a deal, it is a good idea to give your new client some promotional products. It will help with customer loyalty and word-of-mouth advertising. This can also be done leading up to the closing of a deal, which can even help with the actual closing itself.

Trade Shows

People at trade shows are not always willing to make a purchase. However, they are usually more than willing to accept a free product. This serves to create a lasting impression and give people a constant reminder of your brand.

Employee Incentives

Higher-end promotional products could serve as a reward to employees who meet goals or exceed expectations. This would obviously have to be a product that is of little more value. Not only will the product serve as a reward, but it will also help with marketing and brand awareness.

Company Functions

Promotional products at company functions allows everyone in attendance to know exactly who is hosting the event. These products can be construed as a type of door prize or party favor, which is a different way of thanking people for attending.

Any company, big or small, can find the great benefits that come with using promotional products. IMPACT Plus privides companies with a vast line of promotional products that can create just the right buzz. Also offering custom embroidery along with work uniforms and corporate apparel, IMPACT Plus can help your company usher in a lot more business.

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