Monday, April 25, 2016

Caring For Your Embroidered Uniform

More and more companies are going with custom embroidery as part of their corporate work apparel. There are a vast amount of benefits that come with this option, although most employees are left to care for those uniforms on their own time. Here are some helpful tips on caring for your embroidered uniform.

Dry Cleaning

This is a feasible option, but make sure you ask your local dry cleaner a few questions first. It’s important to find out if any pre-spotting products are used. Also, ask what kind of care is taken with darker shades. Don’t just trust any dry cleaners without finding out a little information beforehand.

Iron At Home

When you are ironing your embroidered uniform, always iron the side opposite of the embroidery. Putting a thick piece of cloth that separates each side of the shirt is also a good idea. The embroidered part of the garment should also be dry during the ironing process and never come directly into contact with the iron. Also, do not use the steam function when ironing.

Machine Washing

Washing your custom embroidery uniform at home should be done by adding a mild detergent and washing in cold water. Select the delicate cycle for washing and if bleach is necessary, use a non-chlorine variety and use it sparingly. It is also not recommended to leave your embroidered work uniform soaking in water and refrain from ever ringing out any excess water from it.

Mind the Instructions

The instructions on the tag of the actual piece of clothing is not that same instructions used to care for custom embroidery. Following the specific instructions on your clothing could lead to some type of damage to the actual embroidery. Machine washing and ironing instructions for a polo shirt is not applicable to caring for your embroidery.

Go Gentle

If you are very concerned about damaging your embroidery, choose the gentlest options available. Those options include hand washing and air-drying your embroidered clothing. It may take a bit longer, but there is no substitute for extra special care. This option will also negate any bleeding that could potentially ruin the garment.

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