Monday, February 12, 2018

Caring For Your Embroidered Uniform

More and more companies are going with custom embroidery as part of their corporate work apparel. There are a vast amount of benefits that come with this option, although most employees are left to care for those uniforms on their own time. Here are some helpful tips on caring for your embroidered uniform.

Dry Cleaning

This is a feasible option, but make sure you ask your local dry cleaner a few questions first. It’s important to find out if any pre-spotting products are used. Also, ask what kind of care is taken with darker shades. Don’t just trust any dry cleaners without finding out a little information beforehand.

Iron At Home

When you are ironing your embroidered uniform, always iron the side opposite of the embroidery. Putting a thick piece of cloth that separates each side of the shirt is also a good idea. The embroidered part of the garment should also be dry during the ironing process and never come directly into contact with the iron. Also, do not use the steam function when ironing.

Machine Washing

Washing your custom embroidery uniform at home should be done by adding a mild detergent and washing in cold water. Select the delicate cycle for washing and if bleach is necessary, use a non-chlorine variety and use it sparingly. It is also not recommended to leave your embroidered work uniform soaking in water and refrain from ever ringing out any excess water from it.

Mind the Instructions

The instructions on the tag of the actual piece of clothing is not that same instructions used to care for custom embroidery. Following the specific instructions on your clothing could lead to some type of damage to the actual embroidery. Machine washing and ironing instructions for a polo shirt is not applicable to caring for your embroidery.

Go Gentle

If you are very concerned about damaging your embroidery, choose the gentlest options available. Those options include hand washing and air-drying your embroidered clothing. It may take a bit longer, but there is no substitute for extra special care. This option will also negate any bleeding that could potentially ruin the garment.

IMPACT Plus Uniforms NC offers custom embroidery for all types of corporate apparel, hospitality uniforms and medical uniforms. Based out of Charlotte, NC, work uniforms ship out to companies all over the world from the IMPACT Plus warehouse. Add an extra special touch to your company apparel with the very best in custom embroidery from IMPACT Plus.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

The Best Ways for Companies to Distribute Promotional Products

Coming up with the perfect slogan or design for a promotional product is only part of the promoting process. The next steps are to find a quality supplier and figuring out how to distribute those products. Here is a look for the best ways companies can distribute their promotional products with IMPACT Plus Uniforms in Charlotte.

Within The Company

There are many ways handing out promotional products to employees can serve as a benefit. It helps with employee morale, brand awareness and marketing outside of the office. As long as an employee is content, there will rarely be an issue when it comes to using or wearing these uplifting promotional products, which can include but are not limited to pens, USB drives, mugs, hats, t-shirts, jackets, and bags.


There may be no better way to show customer appreciation than by giving them something for free. The return on investment is generally very good when existing customers are given free products.


Make sure there is an incentive involved when giving away products online. Exchange the promotional item for a Twitter Follow, Facebook like, 5-star review, or a completed contact form. This is a great way to build an online following and market to new audiences.


Whenever your business closes a deal, it is a good idea to give your new client some promotional products. It will help with customer loyalty and word-of-mouth advertising. This can also be done leading up to the closing of a deal, which can even help with the actual closing itself.

Trade Shows

People at trade shows are not always willing to make a purchase. However, they are usually more than willing to accept a free product. This serves to create a lasting impression and give people a constant reminder of your brand.

Employee Incentives

Higher-end promotional products could serve as a reward to employees who meet goals or exceed expectations. This would obviously have to be a product that is of little more value. Not only will the product serve as a reward, but it will also help with marketing and brand awareness.

Company Functions

Promotional products at company functions allows everyone in attendance to know exactly who is hosting the event. These products can be construed as a type of door prize or party favor, which is a different way of thanking people for attending.

Any company, big or small, can find the great benefits that come with using promotional products. IMPACT Plus privides companies with a vast line of promotional products that can create just the right buzz. Also offering custom embroidery along with work uniforms and corporate apparel, IMPACT Plus can help your company usher in a lot more business.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Custom Embroidery Can Work For All Types of Businesses

Company uniforms can sometimes use something a little extra to really make a statement. Custom work wear embroidery can make that statement as it adds a more respectable and sophisticated look to company uniforms. There are even more advantages that accompany custom embroidery.


Custom embroidery puts your company logo in a place where it can be seen. The fact that these uniforms are worn repeatedly can drastically increase the number of times people will see your brand. It is like paying for an advertisement that keeps on airing over and over again.


Simply because employees all wear the same type of uniform does not mean it is going to stand out. A quality logo will go a long way in providing a more professional look to your team. This will go a long way towards establishing immediate credibility with customers as well as creating a professional tone.


Creating a custom embroidered logo could elaborate on your business. Your embroidery could include more than just words. Custom corporate uniform embroidery can feature something that represents the type of work your company is involved in.


Custom embroidery can identify your business and bring a uniqueness to it. This could keep your business from getting lumped in with competing companies in your field. Another benefit is that people will more easily identify your brand with a quick glance at your custom embroidery.


Custom embroidery does not have to be limited to being attached to a certain type of material. It can be used on various kinds of shirts, hats, sweatshirts, aprons and any other type of clothing a company wants to brand. When it comes time to choose your company’s custom embroidery, make sure your selection is a good fit with the clothing material of your choice.


Custom embroidery provides the option of personalizing uniforms so that they are equipped with each employee’s name. This not only aids in identification, but it can also assist with customer service. Personalizing uniforms gives employees a better sense of belonging while also enabling them to take a greater pride in the company.

IMPACT plus is your one-stop shop for all your custom embroidery needs. Catering to businesses of all kinds, IMPACT Plus Uniforms of Charlotte provides a top quality product for your company’s line of work uniforms, medical uniforms, housekeeping uniforms and much more.

Monday, November 13, 2017

The Not So Obvious Benefits of Corporate Apparel

Businesses who have turned to the use of custom corporate apparel have seen obvious benefits, such as a new way of marketing and cutting the costs of what employees spend on the upkeep of their business attire. There are also some not so obvious benefits that are provided by the use of corporate work uniforms and here is a look at some of them.

corporate team, corporate apparel, work wear, uniforms, suit uniforms

Enhances the Team Dynamic

Players on a sports team wear uniforms, which contributes to a greater sense of camaraderie. This also creates a greater sense of team spirit, which still holds true in a business setting. Dressing alike will build a greater sense of unity and enable work teams to achieve their goals more often. It will also instill a greater sense of belonging among employees.

Easy Purchasing

Purchasing corporate work uniforms from Impact Plus Charlotte is made easy. Buying at a bulk rate will reduce on costs as the more you order, the more of a discount you will receive. This could significantly reduce the final costs when opting to go with custom embroidery for your work uniforms.

Dress Code Basics

A work uniform takes out the worry of having to deal with the issue of what is and what is not acceptable work attire. That topic can sometimes make for an uncomfortable discussion among managers and employees. With corporate apparel, all of that unpleasantness can be avoided and managers can be free to attend to more important work-related duties.

Creates Sharing

Corporate apparel can also be used as promotional products which can be given away to current and prospective clients. It also enables the company’s brand to be shared with simple talk outside of the office. Wearing that apparel will make for an excellent conversation piece which will continually allow employees to share insight on the business.

Heightens Interest

Some people may have heard of your business, but by seeing an actual catchy logo or slogan, it can immediately heighten their interest. The image you choose for your business will become synonymous with your company and having it constantly on display can arouse the interest of people from all walks of life.

IMPACT Plus provides logo apparel for businesses of all kinds. If you are in the market for new housekeeping, hospitality or medical uniforms in Charlotte, IMPACT Plus can also accommodate your needs. The search for your new corporate apparel supplier can end with a simple phone call to IMPACT Plus, which also offers top quality custom embroidery.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

How to Maintain Your Medical Scrubs

Buying medical uniforms Charlotte does not always come cheap, which is why it is important to get as much life out of your scrubs as possible. Here are some helpful hints on the best ways to maintain your medical scrubs and make them last as long as possible.

Disinfect Properly

There is no telling which microscopic germs made their way onto your scrubs over the course of a workday. That is why it is important to disinfect them properly. It is recommended to put your scrubs through a pair of wash cycles and turn them inside out before placing them in the washer. Try to remove the stains with the first wash and add some color-safe bleach during the second wash to completely disinfect.

Proper Storage

Most people just fold scrubs and put them in a drawer until they are ready to be worn. However, the proper way to store medical work wear  is to place them in a plastic airtight bag so they do not pick up any kind of contamination before you change into them for your next shift.

Wear for Work

It may be tempting to slip on some scrubs when you are not working, but remember they are work uniforms. It is easy to spill something on your scrubs during your off time. Doing so could lessen their life and force you to buy new scrubs sooner than you would normally have to.

Reduce Fading and Shrinking

Washing your scrubs in cold water will decrease their chances of fading. When using a bleach, be sure that it is of the color safe variety. To reduce chances of shrinking, don’t switch to higher temperatures when washing. Follow the recommended settings as you want your scrubs to keep the same comfortable fit for as long as you have them.

Avoid Fabric Softener

The use of a fabric softener will actually hurt the functionality of your scrubs, as will a dryer sheet. This will actually add a layer onto your scrubs and keep them from working at their highest level of efficiency. Remember, scrubs are better to wash and wear.

IMPACT Plus is the No.1 supplier of medical scrubs, with a vast selection to choose from. Quality medical uniforms are available at affordable prices and can make online shopping a whole lot easier. When it comes to the best in work uniforms and corporate apparel, be sure to check out

Friday, September 15, 2017

Cutting-Edge Custom Embroidery at IMPACT Plus

There is a vast selection of uniform manufacturers for comes to choose from in this day and age. However, not all of those manufacturers produce the same kind of quality. The companies that manage to rise above the rest have the industry’s latest equipment at their service. IMPACT Plus is part of that select group, using cutting-edge equipment as part of its custom embroidery service in Charlotte.

embroidery equipment made by the Tajima Group
IMPACT Plus uses embroidery equipment made by the Tajima Group, which is renowned for being among the best in the business. Not many Charlotte corporate uniform companies can say that they own a Tajima machine, which can dramatically enhance the look of all custom embroidery.

Tajima machines operate at a faster pace so that large orders are able to be met in very little time. There is never any waiting around for uniform orders to arrive. Quality is also never sacrificed with speed as these Tajima machines are designed to work both quickly and efficiently.

The Tajima Group has a rich history in the industry. It is a company based out of Japan that first opened its doors in the 1940’s. That long-standing tradition of excellence has elevated The Tajima Group to elite status when it comes to embroidery. These machines do not come cheap, which is another reason they are so effective.

One of the goals of IMPACT Plus is to offer the best custom embroidery services and has spared no expense in doing so. These Tajima machines are considered to be the Rolls Royse of the embroidery world.

There is no denying the quality of embroidery when using a Tajima machine. Tajima machines are equipped with lasers that make cutting much more efficient. When compared to other types of embroidery machines, the lettering produced by a Tajima always looks cleaner and crisper.

Companies who chose to order their corporate apparel through IMPACT Plus uniform programs have the option of taking brand awareness to another level with this high-tech embroidery. The business world is competitive as ever, so every advantage is useful.  That is why it is important to remember that top-quality custom embroidery comes with its share of advantages.

Corporate apparel is more than just a look, it is a statement. That statement can be finished off with an exclamation point at IMPACT Plus as its Tajima machines produce some of the finest custom embroidery on the market.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Why Promotional Apparel Works for Businesses

There are many forms of marketing and advertising for businesses to choose from. No matter what type of business you are involved with, the use of promotional apparel will always provide an advantage. Here is a look at some of the ways in which branded promotional products can help your business.

A Way to Campaign

Advertising campaigns are a part of any healthy business and many of them come with catch phrases or certain designs. Adding promotional apparel in with your company’s advertising campaign does more than just build brand awareness. It is one more way of marketing your specific campaign.


A mistake many businesses make is that they do not see the advertising value in promotional apparel. Spending money on radio or television ads can be quite costly. Meanwhile, the cost of promotional apparel, such as t-shirts or hats, dims in comparison. Some promotional apparel can be had for very low prices, especially if bought in bulk. It is also a form of long-term advertising.

Lasting Impressions

Promotional products have a very high memorability rate as the majority of people who own promotional items recollect the details of that promotion. When it comes to work wear, people are often asked about the name on their clothing. Being able to recount the promotional story so easily will help raise brand awareness.

A Sustained Message

A radio advertisement will air for a certain amount of seconds and then be done. A TV commercial will run at a certain time and then it’s a rap. On the other hand, the message on promotional apparel lasts as long as someone wears that piece of clothing. The message continues to be delivered time and again.

The Free Factor

People like to take advantage of anything that is free. On any given day, most people can name the promotional apparel they own because they usually wear it. Even if they do not buy the product or service on the apparel, it creates brand awareness. Many times, it takes a handful of advertising attempts to win over a new customer. Promotional apparel is step one and can be repeated every time it is worn.

IMPACT Plus is the leading distributor for all types of corporate apparel, medical scrubs, work uniforms and company clothing. With a vast line of promotional apparel catering to each client’s specific needs, IMPACT Plus is the only choice when it comes to logo apparel.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Corporate Apparel Makes for Good Business

More and more businesses are opting to go with corporate apparel in the workplace nowadays. There are also more and more benefits that continue to come from using this type of method. Corporate apparel has a whole different look and feel than traditional work uniforms. A lot of professions revert to the use of uniforms because their clothes wind up getting dirty over the course of the workday. Most corporate apparel is not designed to be protective clothing, therefore it can provide a more stylish look.

When you think about traditional work uniforms, an unflattering ensemble usually comes to mind. However, corporate apparel is not much different than the items sold in retail stores throughout many malls. What differentiates this type of apparel from what you see in retail shops is that it is branded with the company logo.

Corporate apparel also offers more comfort. Polo shirts are commonly used as a type of corporate apparel and they are available in many different colors while also ranging in price to fit every company’s budget. Simple uniform embroidery of the company name on the shirt is all that it takes to unveil comfortable, professional and affordable corporate apparel.

Image is a primary concern of any business and one that can be enhanced with corporate apparel. It provides a professional look and that has proven to enhance the professionalism displayed by employees. People tend to act the part when they look the part. And when there is a shared professional image, it promotes teamwork.

Some companies give employees the option of wearing branded apparel while others use it as an incentive. Employees can earn company apparel with improved performances or by meeting and exceeding quotas.

Company apparel can also be used outside the office. It doesn’t have the look or feel of a tired old work uniform that needs to be shed as soon was the workday concludes. That works to further benefit the company as it is a way to spread brand awareness outside of the workplace.

 use of corporate apparel also frees up employees to do a little bit more. There is no pressure of having to pick out work attire each morning, which saves time. There is also no need to shop for work attire as company apparel can cut down on employee spending. Lastly, it thwarts any unnecessary competition among employees when it comes to attire.

IMPACT Plus Uniforms offers the very best in company clothing and can outfit every business with the right apparel. For the best uniforms Charlotte has to offer, go with IMPACT Plus, which has become a trusted name that delivers logo apparel to the world.

Friday, June 16, 2017

How to Buy Scrubs that Make Sense

medical scrubs, medical work uniforms, medical clothing
There are a lot of options available when purchasing medical scrubs uniforms as different designs, colors and patterns are available to those who work in the health care industry. However, there is a lot more to look into when buying scrubs. Here are some hints on how to buy scrubs that make the most sense for you.


Some employers will require certain colors to be worn to work. However, if you have the freedom to choose your own colors, it is a good idea to go with darker shades. They mask stains much better than lighter colors.


Pockets can be a health care provider’s best friend. Pockets come in handy on both bottoms and tops. Those in the medical profession are often required to carry a lot of items and what better way to do that than by utilizing the roomy pockets in your scrubs.


Try on your scrubs and make sure they do not slide. The wrong size can cause your bottom scrubs to slide down when you bend down. The top scrubs should not have too loose of a cut to the point where it permits too much skin to be seen.


Scrubs are not immune to fading and some kinds will do so rather quickly. Then, you will be left with the option of tossing them in the trash or coming to work with a shabby look. Certain kinds of scrubs come with fade resistant labels, so make sure to check that label before you buy. A reputable, professional uniform distributor should recommend fabrics that are longer lasting as well as stain resistant.


Wearing scrubs all day long will not be pleasant if they are not soft. Look for scrubs that are 100% cotton as they will provide the utmost comfort. There are also some softer sets of scrubs of the polyester variety. Make sure whichever kind you choose feels soft on your skin.


Scrubs do not have to be monotone or boring any longer. There are lots of colors, cuts and patterns to select from. First, make sure your employer allows this and then choose a style that fits your personality. Scrubs can also be a form of expression as looking good and feeling good can go hand in hand.

IMPACT Plus is the top provider of medical scrubs, offering a wide selection of top-of-the-line work uniforms. Also providing hospitality uniforms, corporate apparel and housekeeping uniforms, IMPACT Plus has something for every kind of modern day worker.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Using Promotional Products as a Strategy Can Help Businesses

Promotional products are more than just an item to give away once in a while. There is a strategy behind the use of promotional products for branding. If utilized correctly, it could more than pay for itself. There should also be some methodical steps taken when it comes to the creation and distribution of promotional items and apparel.

The composition of the promotional apparel should always be strategic. Poor quality items are not likely to get much usage or last for very long. Now, that does not mean that top dollar needs to be spent on promotional apparel, but the quality should be held to a certain standard.

The promotional item should also be something that generates brand awareness. So even if a high quality piece of apparel is chosen and the brand is barely noticeable, it kind of defeats the purpose. Remember that brand awareness is top priority.

A good move is to reserve a large printable area on the promotional product for the branding. However, a branding is more than just the name of a company or business. Branding can also include contact information, website name and actual addresses. This serves to engage the recipients in the event that they ever need to contact the company directly. Think of promotional apparel as a kind of walking billboard.

It is also important to include contact details somewhere on the product being as though it is a roundabout way of providing customer solutions, which is essentially how the sales game works. Putting that much thought and effort into the composition of a product demands just as much effort put into its distribution.

The distribution of promotional products should also be strategic. Just handing out promotional products to anyone is not going to maximize your investment. Passing out promotional apparel at exhibitions or company functions are two ways to make excellent use of the products.

Promotional products are also a way to reward employees and further extend brand awareness. Offer items that will be appealing to use in or out of the office like mugs, calendars and custom embroidered hats. This is a way of getting extensive exposure for the brand as apparel will often be used by employees time and again.

IMPACT Plus uniforms Charlotte can take care of all your promotional product and apparel needs with a vast line of company apparel to choose from. IMPACT Plus also offers competitive pricing along with art and design services to make sure your apparel looks exactly how you want it. Work uniforms, company clothing and more are just a phone call away at IMPACT Plus.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

How Corporate Apparel Helps Employees

From a business point of view, there are many benefits of having employees wear corporate apparel to work. Those benefits include things like brand awareness, a greater sense of professionalism, free advertising and much more. But there are also benefits to employees who have a uniform to wear to work every day.

First, it saves employees the hassle of having to select what they are going to wear to work which can save precious time in the morning before the work day. Secondly, it cuts expenses as employees do not have to worry about buying expensive clothes to fit into the office culture or impress their co-workers. There is no pressure of having to outdo anyone else when it comes to fashion in the workplace.

Many companies who utilize this method report greater job satisfaction among their employees. There also tends to be a higher level of pride in workers and a unified sense of belonging. Some companies have actually reached out to employees, asking for their feedback when it comes to designing their work uniforms. This method may act as a aid in easing the transition, especially among employees who may not be too open to this idea.

In some bigger companies, there is a certain prestige and honor that comes with wearing a company uniform. It is often considered to be a perk that comes along with the job. And in this day and age, corporate uniforms do not have to be drab and boring. Many companies are coming up with sleek and innovative designs which employees welcome.

Creating a family feel within a workplace is often very important. That tends to happen when all workers are dressed alike. It is also one less thing employees have to compete over. There is no award for the best dressed employee in a company that utilizes a corporate apparel policy.

work wear, work uniform, company uniform, work clothes
And in instances where employees have to purchase company uniforms, there are many tax benefits that can work to their advantage.

The health care industry has long since used medical scrubs as a signature of their personnel. Wearing hospitality uniforms and hotel uniforms have also been long standing traditions in each of those professions. Corporate apparel is now joining that trend and continues to mount in record numbers.

IMPACT Plus Uniforms provides work uniforms to all types of professionals and is proud of the fact that it continues to help workers in all fields achieve a better and more fulfilling experience in the workplace.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Examples of the Cost of OSHA Fines

For the last several years, OSHA has been increasing the number of inspectors, inspections and citations issued.  Many of the reforms that are being put in place include substantial increases in penalties, both criminal and civil.  From 2002 to 2008, the cost of penalties has increased by 43%.
The fines that OSHA is imposing for violating PPE standards (Personal Protective Equipment) including flame resistant work wear has significantly increased over the last several years. Here are just a small number of examples of companies that have been cited for non-compliance:
•    $158,000 Importers Service Corp, Jersey City, NC (5/17/10)
•    $217,000 US Postal Service, Denver, CO (5/11/10)
•    $558,000 US Postal Service, Providence, RI (4/30/10)
•    $158,400 Chapman Printing Co., Huntington, WV  (12/18/09)
•    $683,000 Mueller Industries, Fulton, MS (2/17/10)
•    $148,000 C.W. Pond Contractors, Norwalk, CT (9/3/09)
•    $ 88,200  O’Connell Electric Co., Buffalo, NY (11/16/09)
•    $128,500 MillerCoors LLC, Denver, CO (8/3/09)
 It is the responsibility of employers to develop a safety program to protect their employees and subcontractors.  The typical first step in this process is to have a safety assessment performed to determine the actual level of risk based upon job category.  However, this assessment can take upwards of nine months to perform.  In the meantime, in order to meet the minimum requirements as required by law, employers need to make sure that their people are wearing 100% cotton clothing, flame resistant coveralls, hard hats, face masks and arc rated gloves. Additional requirements may be necessary to meet the guidelines for specific Hazard Risk Categories (HRC levels 1, 2, 3 and 4).

industrial work uniform and safety gear, flame resistant apparel, protective apparel, uniforms Charlotte NC

When it comes to flame resistant and industrial safety uniforms in NC visit the Impact Plus Uniform store or visit A local and trusted company, Impact Plus Uniforms can provide your business with the right fit. Hospitality, Industrial, Medical and more! Contact us directly at (704) 895-3355.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

OHSA: Flame Resistant Apparel and Safety Uniforms

Workplace hazards cannot be avoided in some industries but familiarizing yourself with government regulations and ensuring employees are properly equipped with personal protection equipment. These safety uniforms can prevent serious injuries, even fatalities. This blog will contain some of the potential dangers and pitfalls that employers and employees will face in the case of an Arc Flash.

Due to government regulations that are being enforced more than ever, OSHA, working in conjunction with the justice department, has recently stepped up the number of inspections as well as criminal prosecutions for workplace injuries and fatalities.  OSHA has even created a "Severe Violators Inspection Program" which allows harsher fines as well as jail time for senior level employees that knowingly and flagrantly violate the standards set by the US government to create a safe work environment.
Occupational Safety and Health Administration, a federal organization joint with the Department of Labor, enforces standards and provides workplace training giving Americans  safe and healthy working environments.
According to OSHA standards, "the employer shall ensure that each employee who is exposed to the hazards of flames or electric arcs does not wear clothing that, when exposed to flames or electric arcs, could increase the extent of injury that would be sustained by the employee. (OSHA 1910.269 (I)(6)(iii))  In other words, the employer is required to mitigate potential injuries to their employees when putting them in harms way.

What is an Arc Flash Explosion

An Arc Flash is an electrical explosion that creates a short circuit through the air that flashes from one exposed live conductor to another conductor, or to the ground.  They can occur in a variety of ways such as accidentally dropping a tool, coming close to a high-amp source with a conductive object, or the presence of combustible dust.  The result of the arc flash explosion can cause destruction of equipment, fire, injury and death, not only to workers but also to nearby people.

Needless to say, an arc flash explosion is extremely dangerous.  Research has shown that there are 5 to 10 arc flash accidents involving a fatality or serious injury to an employee happening every day in the United States. And there are many more occurrences that are not reported.  These accidents result in 1 to 2 deaths each day. typically is not the blast itself that causes most of the injuries or deaths, it is the flammable nature of the clothing worn...

Arc Flash accidents are common, costly and a hot topic within OSHA and the entire safety industry. Recorded temperatures have reached 35,000 degrees.  However, it typically is not the blast itself that causes most of the injuries or deaths, it is the flammable nature of the clothing worn by people suffering the accidents.  Anyone who is working in an environment that is subject to arc flash accidents is mandated by law to provide flame resistant uniforms and personal protection equipment (PPE) to their employees.  Flame resistant clothing will self extinguish and limit injury to second degree burns.

The average cost of a single survived accident can easily reach $8 to $10 million in direct and indirect costs, including medical expenses and legal costs. Furthermore, legal settlements almost always involve OSHA citations of deficiencies in the employer’s safety program as a causative factor leading to the accident.

Join us for our next blog as we will briefly discuss examples of OSHA fines. For any questions on this blog or other on our page, feel free to contact us directly. The corporate apparel experts here at Impact Plus Uniforms will be happy to provide additional information about the topic, our products, and how to order uniforms.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Leading the Way for Medical Apparel Uniform Programs in NC

Impact Plus Uniforms offers a wide selection of apparel which can accommodate all types of health care professionals. Our apparel is provided by Landau, one of the industry’s leading manufacturers of medical apparel.

Tops and Pants

Our tops and pants come in a vast assortment of colors. Traditional white tops and pants are also available for purchase. You can mix and match from an array of colors. Tops and pants are the trademark of any health care professional as these medical scrubs are easily identifiable. They also remain one of the more comfortable kinds of apparel in the working world.

medical scrubs, medical uniforms, nurses uniform
Medical scrubs

Designer Scrubs

If you are tired of plain old scrubs, then you can add a little flair to your workday. Impact Plus Uniforms provides scrubs with different kinds of designs and prints. Our designer tops can change the way you go to work. Bold prints and floral patterns are available in a vast selection of designs.


It is important to dress warm as many health care facilities have a tendency to be on the colder side at times. We offer jackets that complement our tops and pants. Our jacket varieties include men’s, women’s, unisex, and cardigans. Scrubs are taken to another level with this sleek look that provides a comfortable and professional alternative in cooler environments.

Lab Coats

Lab coats are a necessity for certain people in the medical profession. While lab coats show off a certain sense of authority, there is a need for comfort and usability as well. Impact Plus Uniforms provides different styles, lengths and designs of lab coats. When you are wearing a lab coat all day long, it’s important to have one that’s going to fit you right in every way.

veterinarian uniforms, vet uniforms, medical uniforms
Veterinarians wearing uniforms tending to a horse.


Being on your feet all day long requires the right kind of shoes. Health Care professionals rarely have the chance to sit down over the course of their busy days. Impact Plus Uniforms provides comfort and style with every part of our footwear catalog. Our footwear is equipped with slip-resistant and shock absorbent features as well. Experience a unsurpassed amount of comfort in every  step, brought to you by Impact Plus.

Corporate Apparel For Any Brand

Our inventory is not limited to only medical scrubs and industrial uniforms in NC. Gowns, skirts, robes and aprons are all available through Impact Plus Uniforms through online ordering. If it is part of the medical apparel world, you can count on us to provide you with a comfortable and affordable solution. Stock up on all of our great deals today!

Friday, December 23, 2016

How Corporate Apparel Can Strengthen Your Business

The implementation of corporate apparel within a company can have many positive effects. Performance is not the only area that generally sees a boost as there are other ways the use of corporate apparel can strengthen your business.

Stressing the Team Concept

Any kind of business relies on teamwork for success. Business thrives when members work together to achieve one specific goal and Corporate Apparel does an excellent job of unifying a team. It provides a commonality to all workers, regardless of differences in gender, age or ethnicity. It also creates a better overall team spirit and is a way to increase employee attachment to a company.

Enticing Interest

By using an appealing logo, a company generates interest. Many people who see that logo will find their curiosity aroused. Logos that are accompanied by a catch phrase can create even more interest. Employees also wear that clothing to and from work which gives them a chance to put their company logo on display to people outside of the office. There's also the option of featuring your business logo on promotional products.

Establishing Reliability

When people see a branded logo, they have a tendency to associate it with a company that has proven itself to be well established. This instills people with confidence in the brand and makes them more likely to give a company their business. There is a certain level of quality and authority that is also perceived when branded logos appear on work uniforms.

Building Culture

In workplaces where everyone wears the same kind of apparel, there is no visible hierarchy. As a result, communication often improves as there is no immediate and defining separation between management and their subordinates. The end result is an easier way for all employees to identify with company goals and values. A heightened sense of professionalism also tends to be a direct result of a unified clothing line.

Promotional Products that Work

Company clothing can be like a walking advertisement. Most people are excited to receive something for free and that also applies to clothing. Customer giveaways are a way to endear a company to the public as well as a means of spreading the word. Extra clothing given to employees can also entice them to wear that branded apparel in their leisure time. Clothing can even be used to increase awareness in social media networks where pictures are frequently used.

Corporate apparel is available in great abundance at competitive prices with IMPACT Plus in Charlotte NC. Also a leading distributor of medical scrubs, housekeeping uniforms and hospitality uniforms, IMPACT Plus has something to help every company succeed.


Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Why Buying Uniforms Online is a Better Alternative

The days of having to actually go to a store that will sell you a work uniform in Charlotte is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. There is now a better alternative: Personalized Online Company Clothing Stores; specialized to your business and offering a pre-selected range of qualified apparel. Buying work uniforms online is a faster, simpler and more cost-efficient process that gives your employees advantages in each of the following areas.

Time is arguably the most valuable thing anyone owns. So why should any of that time be wasted? Instead of running around from store to store, trying to find the right size, color and fit, shopping for a work uniform can be done easily by sitting in front of your computer, iPad, tablet or mobile phone. It might only take the mere click of a button to find the uniform you want. Buying uniforms online also takes out the drive time to the store and having to search through racks of clothing.

Work wear stores generally operate during regular morning and daytime hours. Coincidentally, that is also when a lot of people are at work. In many cases, a trip to the uniform store means having to take an hour or two off of work, which could cost money. Not only is an employee expected to spend money at the store, but the employee could also be losing money by not working during that span of time. This is all solved with a customized online company portal, available 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week.

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Browsing and matching items can be done even easier online. If choices are limited in one store, then that usually requires a trip to another store. And if you have to order an out of stock item from a physical store, it will usually take longer to be shipped. Too many choices can often be a drawback to making a solid decision. Streamline this process by pre-selecting appropriate work wear and brands for your employees.

IMPACT Plus in Charlotte NC is a leading online distributor of corporate apparel, medical scrubs, housekeeping uniforms, hospitality uniforms and other type of work uniforms. Convenience is just one click away as IMPACT Plus saves businesses and their employees time and money while also providing quality service along with an extensive surplus of work uniforms and corporate apparel.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Company Uniform: Questions to Ask When Making That Critical Choice

The upsides of work wear cannot be overstated and businesses have come to recognize the advantages of outfitting employees. Today, 32 million companies across the country wear uniforms representing companies of all sizes and types across all industries. Needless to say, it is important to not overlook the process of deciding on a company uniform for your staff. You want no less than the best when your people are literally wearing your brand on their sleeve. 

Key Questions for An Excellent Decision

Companies decide on logo and colors for staff uniforms to emphasize branding, while embracing contemporary trends – but these are just the basics. When it comes to finding the perfect company branded clothing, come to a sound decision by answering these few basic questions:

Does the uniform offer comfort? Consider this: uniforms are worn on a daily basis by your employees. It is important that it fits perfectly by taking into account their specific job activities. The comfort level of your staff in a controlled environment is different from those doing field work.

Customer service personnel inside your air conditioned office may need thicker fabric, while those out and about sales reps may need a more breathable uniform. You might want to consider a type of fabric that easily dries or wicks away moisture, and provide safety apparel for those sweating it out in the factory or industrial sites; seasonal uniforms may also be recommended.

Does it offer a good fit? While employees are expected to wear the same exact shirt, obviously the one-size-fits-all principle does not apply. Determine the size requirements for each employee, and find out the right measurements for each employee. A good fit fosters a sense of confidence and comfort for the wearer, enabling people to better represent your business and enhance the image of your company.

Is it made of high quality material? As uniforms are constantly worn, they should be made to endure constant washing as well. The kind of fabric you choose should be ones that are easily washable. Your employees are expected to keep the outfit looking fresh and new but in many cases, it all boils down to the kind and quality of fabrics used.

Partner with a Trusted Uniform Specialist

Investing in the right uniform doesn’t have to be a difficult decision when you partner with the right provider. Specializing in a fleet of uniforms for all industries and types of work, IMPACT Plus Uniforms in Charlotte understands that company uniforms play a vital role in day-to-day business. Since 2003, the full-service provider has catered to major corporations and Fortune 500 businesses, offering them various uniform options, corporate apparel and promotional programs suited to their requirements. Contact IMPACT Plus today for your top-of-the-line work wear, corporate apparel and promotional product solutions.


Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Discover the Three-Pronged Business Advantage of Company Uniforms


These days, it is not uncommon to see employees in their official work wear every day. In the United States alone, more than 32 million workers are required to don the proper attire to work. Employees in hotels, offices, restaurants, schools and other workplaces are easily recognized given the uniform they wear.

Because office uniforms have essentially become commonplace, people merely see it as a requirement that has to be met every single day for the typical worker. The truth of the matter is that the benefits of wearing corporate uniforms in Charlotte NC go a long way. In fact, the advantages of this requirement extend to these three important business facets:

Advantage to the company: promote brand and strengthen image

Work uniforms directly reflect your business. Although indirectly, work wear does a great job of advertising the company. Imagine the exposure it offers the brand because an employee wears it with comfort and pride. Over time, the uniform becomes easily identifiable and associated with the business, drawing in new customers and clients.

Advantage to the employee: inspire professionalism

An employee wears the brand and is therefore expected to represent it professionally. Wherever they are during the work day – such as field work, client meetings and other appointments – employees feel a sense of duty to perform at their best with the work uniform becoming a constant reminder of that professionalism. Employees who put on well tailored uniforms know they stand out from the rest and are motivated to do their jobs better and succeed more often.

Advantage to your customer: easily identify professionals and boost confidence

As we are all customers, we know it is always an advantage when we know exactly whom to approach for assistance. Company uniforms make this happen. In events or places where there are multitudes of people, such as in huge business gatherings or conferences, we heave a sigh of relief when we see one or two people who wear the uniform of the company or service we need. We are confident that we can count on them to assist us.

Choose a Reputable Uniform Provider for Your Business

Partnering with a leading specialist in corporate apparel is your best avenue to enjoying all of these benefits for your business. IMPACT Plus Uniforms, a Charlotte-based work wear provider, offers the most professional look for employees with a comprehensive uniform programs. For outfitting housekeeping, hospitality, medical or corporate staff and employees in other fields of work, the company ensures superior fit, fabric and quality construction.

A company uniform specialist can give the most professional look for staff and employees by . Working with Red Kap, Dickies, Nike, Edwards Signature Suiting, OGIO, Cutter & Buck, Bulwark and Chef Design IMPACT Plus services top corporations and Fortune 500 companies. IMPACT Plus also extends beyond offering top quality work apparel options through a range of Charlotte NC corporate promotional items for meetings, exhibits and other events, coupled with extensive creative advertising and marketing solutions.


Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Custom Embroidery for Dress Shirts in the Workplace

Dress shirts exude a high level of professionalism in the workplace and adding IMPACT Plus custom embroidery to those shirts is an excellent way to enhance a company’s brand. Here are some important things to consider when deciding on custom embroidered dress shirts for your company.


There are lots of options available when it comes to choosing a particular style of dress shirt. There are more casual options to provide a more laid back feel while there are also more formal options that are generally worn with a tie. There is also a vast array of manufacturers, fabric and prints to choose from. It comes down to a lot more than simply choosing a color. 


Dress shirts bearing your logo contribute to the overall image of your company. Dress shirts can stand on their own as a form of professional attire or work wear in Charlotte NC. However, adding your logo creates an image to be shared by all employees. That does not mean there should not be careful thought out into the design and placement of that logo.


Embroidered dress shirts are another form of marketing and when considering it as a long-term investment, it is very cost efficient. The fact that these shirts are extremely durable also means they will get a lot of wear. And every time that shirt is worn, the company benefits from a free form of marketing.


Believe it or not, how someone appears can have an effect on business. Many people in a business setting are judged on their appearance. People who are dressed professionally give off the impression that they are more capable and knowledgeable. Having an entire company dressed in this type of professional apparel can only enhance the overall business.


The better people look, the better they feel. This cannot be discounted when it comes to business. Having a staff of employees that looks professional can encourage them to take even more pride in their work, which can boost overall company performance. Custom embroidery on dress shirts can raise company standards as there will be an air of professionalism that pervades the entire staff.

If your company is seeking out Charlotte NC embroidered shirts, IMPACT Plus has a wide variety of options. Your logo can appear on the company clothing of your choice and our professional custom embroidery will provide that extra special touch. IMPACT Plus also offers hospitality uniforms, medical uniforms and much more.

Monday, July 18, 2016

When Your Company Should Use Promotional Items

Promotional “giveaway” items and branded apparel are intended to promote a brand and is actually a form of advertising. But there should be some consideration put into exactly when and where those promotional products will be distributed. Here is a closer look at the most opportune times to give out your promotional apparel so that they have the maximum amount of effectiveness.

Company Events

Company picnics, banquets and celebrations are excellent times to utilize promotional products in Charlotte NC. The distribution of apparel will appear to be a kind gesture extended towards the recipients, but it is also a very tactical advertising move for the company. Using clothing as a promotional product is long-lasting as smaller promotional items have a tendency to get less usage and are often tossed by the wayside.

Trade Shows

Any time your company puts itself on display, it is always good to have some kind of promotional item. At trade shows, companies are always prospecting for new business and new clients. Business cards often get lost, misplaced or thrown out, although a tee-shirt will usually get a good amount of wear. This is not only a way to advertise, but also a way to enhance brand recognition.

Holiday Time

The holiday season is an opportune time to make use out of promotional apparel and embroidered shirts in Charlotte North Carolina. It serves a couple of purposes. First, it is a way to extend a gift to employees and clients while it also is a form of advertising for the company. Giving out tee-shirts, hats or polo shirts is not just a way of saying thank you, it is a way of advertising your brand. People also seem to appreciate gifts a little bit more during the holiday season.

Charity Events

Getting involved with charity events and fundraisers is a noble move, which promotes good will but it also promotes a company’s brand. Simple sponsorship of a charity event may not be enough as people might forget exactly which company was responsible for contributing towards a fundraiser. Giving out promotional apparel will provide people with a lasting remembrance of exactly which company was there to contribute towards that cause. 

Looking for quality promotional items through every season of the year? Simply contact IMPACT Plus, a Charlotte based custom uniforms and promotional products producer. IMPACT Plus also provides custom embroidery which can be used on corporate apparel, hospitality uniforms, medical uniforms and more. For top quality work uniforms, contact the team of professionals at IMPACT Plus.

Visit to learn more.

Monday, June 20, 2016

How to Incorporate More Style to Your Corporate Apparel

Corporate apparel does not have to be drab and boring any longer. There are plenty of ways to add a little more style and personality to company work uniforms. Here is a look at how to make your corporate apparel a little more stylish from IMPACT Plus Uniforms in Charlotte NC.

Custom Embroidery

Simply stamping your company work uniforms with a basic logo is not usually going to generate a whole lot of buzz and excitement. However, there are more options to consider when it comes to custom embroidery. Unique fonts, stitching, and colors can really make your company logo pop. Sprucing up your corporate apparel can also enhance the image of your company and custom embroidery can make that happen.


Every year, there are new hot colors in the fashion world. While corporate apparel is not expected to be as flashy as what you might see at a fashion show, there is no reason you can’t add a splash of color to your work uniforms. There is no law that states work uniforms must be very conservative when it comes to color. There are an abundance of color combinations to choose from, some of which will provide a lot more style.


Certain types of corporate apparel can have a tendency to be stiff and a lot of that has to do with the fabric. Polyester uniforms are rather stiff and have a heavy look that is not considered to be very stylish. Simply put, they look dull and boring. Other fabrics may cost a little more, but they will provide a more flattering appearance. There are also fabric blends that provide more comfort and style.


There is the option of changing out uniforms according to the season. For example, during summer months, companies can opt to go with short-sleeve shirts. There is also the option of switching fabrics according to the season. A lighter fabric in the summer would give off the impression that a company is adaptable to change while it will also provide more comfort. Matching corporate apparel with the season can continually provide a fresh, new look.

IMPACT Plus is a corporate apparel supplier with a large selection of work uniforms that can be both stylish and conservative. Our inventory can accommodate whatever kind of message your company wants to send. IMPACT Plus also provides a vast surplus of medical uniforms, hospitality uniforms and more.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Benefits of Choosing Custom Uniform Embroidery

Companies are always looking for an edge in every single aspect of business. That also extends to work uniforms and the logos that represent each respective company. In this article, we will take a closer look at how companies can benefit from the use of custom uniform embroidery in Charlotte.

Design Help

It’s okay if you do not have a design prepared for your logo apparel. The design process does not come easy for everyone. That’s where custom embroidery services can step in and help with the actual design and exactly how that logo can communicate your company’s brand. This is an important part of the process that should not be overlooked as professional insight is always useful to all kinds of companies.

From Ordinary to Special

The techniques involved with custom embroidery can really enhance corporate apparel. A button down shirt or casual polo will look a lot more sophisticated with a custom logo. These techniques used are able to take otherwise ordinary clothes and makes them stand out. It is more than just a company stamp, but a unique design that is sure to get noticed.

A Stress Reliever

It may not initially seem like the primary function of custom embroidery, but this type of work apparel relieves stress on an ongoing basis. Employees who do not have to select their clothes every morning experience less job stress. There is also no fashion competition within the workplace, which reinforces good team morale.

Establish Identity

There are countless companies with employees who wear ordinary clothes to work every day. Custom uniform embroidery gives workers and companies an identity. A lot of companies have difficulty distinguishing themselves from the competition and custom embroidery does an excellent job of giving them an identity of their own. People will recognize that company due to the detail and design within custom uniform embroidery.

Long-Term Solutions

Custom embroidery on corporate apparel makes a bold statement about a company. It often emphasizes the fact that a company is here to stay. The customized logo takes a good deal of planning and having every employee show off that logo on a daily basis is a long-term way of creating a long-standing brand.

Located in Charlotte, NC, IMPACT Plus offers top quality custom embroidery for all types of work uniforms. Companies can accomplish a host of benefits with custom embroidery on hospitality uniforms, medical uniforms and other types of apparel. Contact IMPACT Plus today and join the many companies who have already forged ahead in corporate apparel.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

How Promotional Products Can Benefit Small Businesses

Large companies are not the only ones who can leverage promotional products for their own benefit. Small businesses can also make very good use out of professional products and help expand their own footprint. Here are a few of benefits small businesses can experience with the use of promotional products from IMPACT Plus Uniforms of Charlotte NC.

Low Cost Marketing

Small businesses and companies do not always have the luxury of a high marketing budget. That makes their marketing ideas much more vital. Promotional items are long lasting, much longer than a TV commercial or one-time ad. Therefore, extending some free giveaways will enable marketing to last much longer.

Customer Appreciation

Small businesses need to make every customer count. By providing current customers with promotional products, small businesses will be able to further endear themselves and establish customer loyalty. Customers will be more prone to wear or use those products in addition to openly telling people about the business. Word-of-mouth referrals can also increase by using this promotional approach.

A New Kind of Business Card

Business cards are handed out all the time and many times that card winds up in the trash. Promotional products can now serve as a type of business card, one that much less of a chance of winding up in the garbage. Customized promotional products can also serve as a nice complement to business cards. In a couple of months, people have a better chance of still having the promotional product as opposed to hanging on to a business card.

Social Media Combination

The use of promotional products has an even greater effect when combined with social media marketing. While it will not cost much to order the promotional products, it will cost nothing to market your promotional campaign via social media. Small businesses are always looking to increase their social media presence and promotional items can help reach an even larger online audience.

Shelf Life

Promotional products get a lot of use and last a good amount of time. Small businesses are usually looking to expand and having free products floating around helps reinforce their brand. Think about how many times you have worn a free tee-shirt. Every person that has seen that shirt has learned about that brand. As long as that shirt is worn, marketing continues.

When your company is in the market for any kind of work-related attire, IMPACT Plus will provide an affordable and effective solution as the best in Charlotte corporate apparel. IMPACT Plus offers a large selection of promotional items, along with corporate apparel, work uniforms and much more. Visit our website or call today to learn more.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Impact Plus Uniforms of Charlotte NC Launches New Website For Corporate Apparel and Work Uniforms

IMPACT Plus is one of the nation’s leading distributors of uniform apparel and has introduced a brand new website:

12-May-2015 – Charlotte, NC – IMPACT Plus is one of the nation’s leading distributors of uniform apparel and has introduced a brand new website. A visit to opens up an online showroom designed to meet the apparel needs of all different kinds of companies and organizations.
Based out of Charlotte, N.C., IMPACT Plus provides uniforms from leading manufacturers such as Red Kap, Dickies, Nike, Cutter & Buck, Bulwark, Chef Design and more. The line of quality and affordable uniform apparel extends to the following areas:

  • Corporate Apparel and Work Uniforms
  • Hospitality and Housekeeping Uniforms 
  • Hotel uniforms and Logo Apparel
The goal of IMPACT Plus is to make your uniform program a much easier process by offering customers a wide array of options. The IMPACT Plus company motto is ‘customers can always expect to be impressed.’ That idea remains at the core of every customer interaction and is further evidenced in the following statement:

"We understand companies today are looking for the best quality at competitive prices without sacrificing their brand image. We also know that convenience goes a long way when choosing a uniform company. That's why we offer the best manufacturers, use the best materials and even offer personalized company stores so employees can log in and pick out pre-selected company apparel. Our team will go out of their way to make sure your experience surpasses all expectations. With Impact Plus, you can expect to be impressed.”

Promotional Products & Logo Apparel

IMPACT Plus understands that image and brand can make a world of difference. That is why the IMPACT Plus apparel collection brings together value and quality along with great looking products. It is also our goal to make shopping for these items a simpler process. Time and money can be saved by visiting the Impact Plus website at

Creative marketing solutions are also available to meet each individual company budget. Impact Plus provides an expert design team to meet every company’s exact needs. The benefits of choosing promotional products, such as hats and tee-shirts, have proven to enhance brand image and awareness. By choosing to work with IMPACT Plus, clients can expect the following in return:

  • Expert customer service and competitive pricing
  • Assistance with art and design services and logo branding
  • Easy solutions for establishing complete uniform programs
  • Large selection of fabrics, trims and accessories to personalize uniforms

IMPACT Plus ships all over the world with a quick turnaround time. The new company website provides extensive options for Corporate Apparel and Work Uniforms of all types and sizes. Customer service reps are always standing by to assist clients at (704) 895-3355.

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